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Why Your Gift Matters & Where It Goes:

TMI operates at a deficit so as to keep course fees low and participant accessibility high. To help you understand the impact of your valuable donation:

$100.00 – Supports one senior’s involvement with the Seniors Outreach Program!

$500.00 – Supports the annual training of one TMI volunteer!

$1000.00 – Supports the reading material production of one course!

$2000.00 – Supports one full-time credit-student for a full year’s worth of TMI courses!

$5000.00 – Supports the costs of one TMI course!

If you would like to sponsor a course in your name, or the name of a loved one, please contact our Executive Director, Madeleine Colaço, at for details!

If you wish to provide additional funding for our programming, please consider:

$10,000.00 – Supports TMI’s yearly costs for technological initiatives (i.e. Zoom & Website)!

$20,000.00 – Supports the Seniors Outreach Program in its entirety!

$50,000.00 – Supports TMI’s volunteer-training program for a full year!

Testimonials From Our Community:

Our Values:

Curiosity: We believe in an ongoing desire to learn and improve.
Creativity: We value imaginative explorations of ideas.
Openness: We value the exchange of ideas, and we respect all voices.
Community: We value and cultivate a community of learners.

“TMI’s class is something I look forward to every week!” – Claire Lindell

“There is no better place to learn, have deep conversations, and make friends!” – Cristina MacLean

“TMI’s vibrant community is a great place to be – even online!” – Judy MacDonald

“In a time when you other isolated from other people, TMI brings you in contact!” – Grace Hawley

We love to hear from our community, whether you have been with us for decades or you have recently gotten in touch with us for the first time. We are collecting testimonials from TMIers, from volunteers to staff to students.

Email us at with your testimonial, a short biographical statement, and a photograph of you. Read all of our testimonials here.

Some of Our Numbers...

$15,000: The average value of a TMI course once it has been developed and delivered!

$5,000: The actual average cost for the Institute to run a course – our volunteers cut down the cost by 2/3!

33%: The percentage of a course’s costs covered by tuition fees!

67%: The amount TMI must fundraise to keep the Institute running!

15,000+ Volunteer Hours Per Year: As most of our designers, course facilitators, and members offer their time for free, TMI runs on volunteer-power!

600+ Registrants Per Year: With this number of registrants, TMI is able to provide an intimate classroom experience which facilitates our discussion-based learning model!

35+ Courses Offered Per Year: We explore many disciplines ranging from Literature, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Psychology, and beyond!

15 Seniors’ Residences in the Seniors Outreach Program: We design and implement courses specially-made for our senior population!

Our Generous Donors:

Annual Donors:

The majority of our donors are annual donors, providing support on their terms! These donations can go toward a variety of initiatives dependent upon the amount provided to the Institute.

Monthly Donors:

With our partnership with CanadaHelps, monthly donation may be debited automatically, offering a hassle-free experience! You set the terms and you reap the benefits of your charity in countless ways! Please see our website for details!

Legacy Donors:

A legacy gift is a special way to make a significant investment to TMI, which can provide enriching experiences for generations of TMI students to come! There are several ways to leave a legacy gift, including donating securities and making a bequest in your will! Read more here or contact for details!