Listening to Lonergan

Listening to Lonergan

The Thomas More Institute has been presenting a special lecture series—in the mode of exploratory encounters—that provides entry into the thought of the eminent Canadian philosopher, theologian, and economist Bernard Lonergan (1904-1984). Lonergan has significantly shaped the learning and questioning experience offered by the Institute. Sponsored by Concordia University, TMI, and the Thomas More Research Institute, the series will feature Lonergan scholars who consider specific themes arising from his thought. The twofold purpose of the series is to reinforce the Institute’s connection with Lonergan and to stimulate a wider and deeper understanding of his intellectual insights.

Listening to Lonergan will take place on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. The opening session — a lecture-and-discussion on a specific theme — will be held at the Institute. A discussion class will take place a week later at Concordia University’s Theological Studies Department (2140 Bishop Street, Annex X). Readings for this session will counterpoint the theme of the previous week’s lecture.

Dates, names of lecturers, and themes will be announced.


Lonergan Studies Coordinator: Irene Menear

Admission fee is $10.00 for each session.

To register, please call 514-935-9585